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Axis Meg Joins Shell’s Reseller Upskilling Program

On July 27, 2023, Axis Meg executives attended the Reseller Upskilling program organized by Shell Commercial Fuels East.

The event was held at Velvet 3, Seda BGC from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The Axis Meg executives present at the event were Mrs. Melane Ann Gardner (CEO), Mr. Kristian Carlsson Gardner (Asst. Manager), and Mr. Sian Kervi Solis (HR/Marketing/Legal Manager).

The speakers of the event were Alvin Panuncialman, Jay Macaspac, Longking Lauengco, Kariz Bersales, Isabella Calixto, and Chayapha Techaamornsin. Mainly, the National Sales Manager of Shell Commercial Fuels PH discussed a total of 3 modules, with concepts revolving around Challenger Conversations, Commercial Teaching, and the Challenger Build.

The titles of the concepts include Bridging Gap Through Upskilling: PSS + Challenger Selling by Jose Mari Punla Macaspac; Commercial Teaching by Longking Lauengco, and; Challenger Conversation & Developing Constructive Tension, Tailoring & Taking Control to Drive Action by, and Challenger Build: Bring It All Together by Alvin Panuncialman.

One of the highlights of the program was the discussion on “How Challengers Win.” There were four key ways mentioned to achieve success, namely, Create Constructive Tension, Teach for Differentiation, Tailor for Resonance, and Take Control. The first way discusses that a change in actions must be done to push the customer to take action. The second way states that it is necessary to convey commercial insight in a logical and alluring manner. The third way, Tailor for Resonance, explains that sales messages must be adapted according to the specific interests and objectives of the stakeholder group. Lastly, Take Control is done by assisting the consumer in the purchasing process and ensuring movement.

Following the lecture, the simulation and role-play participation proved to be a notable highlight of the event. The seminar centered on providing insight into how professionals should act in various scenarios, equipping them with the necessary tools to make more informed decisions when confronted with similar challenges moving forward.

Three roleplays were conducted to exemplify various scenarios. The first module of the roleplay focused on teaching employees how to effectively utilize the Challenger Approach when engaging with customers. The second module explored how to disrupt the status quo in sales conversations with a customer, while the last module explored how sales personnel can properly introduce and effectively sell gasoline products to customers. Each module was discussed in great detail, with every line being carefully considered and analyzed.

Ms. Chayapha Techaamornsin (Marketing & Sales Excellence Manager of Commercial Fuels East) facilitated the awarding of certificates signed by Mr. Albert Lim, the Vice President of Commercial Fuels, Philippines.

In sharing the strategies of market leaders for being more competitive in the petroleum industry, the event commemorated the long partnership between Axis Meg Petroleum Corporation & Shell Commercial Fuels.

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