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Axis Meg Starting The Year Strong With Their 15th Station.

The holidays are over and 2024 is starting, and Axis Meg is not wasting time. As the 10th anniversary of Axis Meg approaches, the expansion and growth of the company is not slowing down. Today, January 22, 2024, marks the opening of the 15th Station of Axis Meg Petroleum Corp. at Brgy. Sampaguita, Lipa City, Batangas.

The day started with the warm embrace of the sun, which can also show the warm acceptance and love of the surrounding community in Brgy. Sampaguita, Lipa City, Batangas.

The event started a few minutes after 8:00 am with an opening prayer led by Mr. Russell Udaundo and was followed by a warm welcome from Mr. KC Gardner. The warm welcome from Mr. KC Gardner radiated throughout the entire event which made the atmosphere better. After these events, the program then proceeded to the blessing of the station which also blessed everyone present at the event. The blessing that was received by everyone guided them and would guide them in their journey ahead, especially the journey of Axis Meg. The blessing was then followed by a closing remarks by President Melane Gardner in which she reminded everyone why they have a station and their mission to serve the people and build connections with them. Aside from these, she also thanked everyone present at the event and those who contributed to the success of the company. This event wouldn’t be an Axis Meg event without the traditional coin tossing around the branch which was handled by Ms. Joanne Enseñado

Axis Meg Petroleum Corporation would like to thank everyone who showed their love and support in this momentous day. 

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